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The club originally started life in 1902 as a private nine-hole course, but The Warren estate can be traced back to the Roman occupation and fine examples of cremation vessels that were found during excavations on the course are on display in the clubhouse.

During the middle ages the land was incorporated into a large Red Deer park with associated carp ponds and rabbit warrens, features that are still evident today and provide the origin of the name The Warren.  From the early seventeenth century the land progressively turned to farming and in 1744, the then owner Thomas Fytche built the barns that now form the clubhouse. As a record of this he carved the date and his initials into some timbers in the main building that can be seen to this day.

The transformation into a golf course began in 1902 when Mr. H.W. Thomson who had purchased the estate some years earlier, created a nine hole course as a private track for his enjoyment and that of his guests. As a Scot and keen golfer, H.W.T. planted a number of Scots pines to compliment the heather that was predominant at this time. These trees now feature strongly on several holes of the current course. In 1934 Mr. Thomson died and the estate passed to Fred Durham Snr, who along with his son Fred Jnr were fanatical golfers. They enlarged the course, converted the farm buildings into a clubhouse and started a formal membership.

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Visitors to The Warren will find many interesting and unique photographs & memorabilia covering the progress of golf and the social life of the club from 1902, through the 30's, 40's and 50's. Since the Second World War a special relationship has existed between The Warren and visitors from the USA and Canada. This started when servicemen from the many local bases were given courtesy of the club's facilities. This arrangement continued into the 1970's when the bases finally closed and the last servicemen returned home.

The Durham family continued to stay in contact with the sadly diminishing number of family and friends from those years. Fortunately several families have kept the association alive and the club is always willing to welcome visitors from the following generations who love to explore the past and look at the photographs that provide a record of this unique past. The club still commemorates these associations with trophy competitions in lasting memory of the men and women who contributed so much to the history of the club.

Starting a New Chapter

A new chapter in the history of The Warren Golf and Country Club started on the 1st June 2012 when the 325 acre estate was purchased by a group of investors headed by General Manager John Moran. A huge programme of investment has commenced driven by an ambition to quickly re-establish The Warren at the very pinnacle of golf clubs in Essex.

The Warren already has many fine attributes including a prime location just a few miles from the thriving towns of Chelmsford and Maldon, a stunning woodland setting and a golf course of immense character and charm. The focus is now on delivering a golfing experience of the very highest quality, with a golf course condition, clubhouse setting and levels of service of which members feel rightly proud and visitors can enjoy.


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